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Download GIS data as Shapefile (SHP), DWG, MapInfo, CSV, Google Earth (KML). Stats, data service, datafinder, Census, geospatial, statistics, ...


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Read papers about the methods we use to produce statistics and upcoming methodological changes.

Get help using our data. Find out how to access research databases or order customised datasets, and subscribe to notifications and newsletters.

Commissioned by Stats NZ to quantify the benefits to New Zealand from the use of census and population information. It updates a 2013 estimate of the value of ...

Find insights and data about New Zealand. You can filter results by topic, information release, and content type.

The experimental weekly paid job series provides an early indicator of employment and labour market changes in a more a timely manner than the monthly ...

Find Stats NZ's news stories on a range of topics, including the economy, population, society, business, environment, and labour market.

Get statistics from the 2018 Census, information about how we produce it, and our strategy for collection and outputs. The 2018 Census was held on 6 March ...

Business statistics are about the activity and performance of businesses in New Zealand. Annual enterprise survey statistics measure the financial ...

Statistics about agriculture give you information about farming in New Zealand. Find out about: animal farming (including sheep, beef and dairy cattle, ...

DataInfo+ contains statistical metadata – what we measure, definitions, and how we produce statistics.

Find information about housing, including the number, size, affordability, and quality of homes in New Zealand.

A denomination is a subgroup of a religion. For example, the Catholic Church is a Christian denomination. Latest publications about religion ...

As New Zealand's national statistics office, Tatauranga Aotearoa Stats NZ is uniquely positioned to support the decisions that the Government, Māori and Iwi ...

11/12/2020 — Find and download concepts and definitions, classifications, concordances, and standards used for data and statistical activities across ...

Income statistics give information about the money people get from employment and other sources. Income may be earnings from wages and salaries or ...

Find data and statistics for and about Māori and iwi, including wellbeing, population, and iwi information.

Statistics about the marine environment come from New Zealand's Environmental Reporting Series, which we produce with the Ministry for the Environment. The ...

Find information about households, including size, type, income and spending, overcrowding, numbers of households that own or rent the home they live in, ...

Find information about motor vehicle registrations, main means of travel to work, and access to motor vehicles.

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