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If you are looking for the best pillow, you are spoiled for choice, because the selection is very large and confusing. So you not only have to deal with the different fillings and materials, but of course also with the type of pillow, because this should fit your sleeping habits. Of course, the price range should not be ignored either. Overall, it is therefore quite time-consuming to find the best model. If you prefer to make a good purchase decision as quickly as possible, you can follow our recommendation, because we have already done most of the research for you.

Buying the best pillow

Buying and finding the best pillow is important because it enables a peaceful and restful sleep. Also pillows support the spine and make your nights simply comfortable. Which model is the best pillow for you depends on your habits, ideas and expectations of the pillow. Since the range of different pillows is so large, you should first deal with the different types and filling variants of pillows before comparing prices in order to be able to make a pre-selection.

Types of pillows

In general, there are three different types of pillows. In order to understand the differences and to be able to recognize them reliably, the following is a summary of the three variants and their properties.

Traditional pillows: The traditional pillow is usually a square pillow, often measuring 80 x 80 centimetres, with goose or duck feathers or a polyester or foam filling.

Comfort pillow: This spongy term usually refers to a slightly smaller pillow that is usually rectangular in shape.

Neck Support Pillows: Neck support pillows are available in many different designs, shapes and sizes. They are mainly characterized by the fact that it is filled with solid foam or latex and thus offers very good support because it remains dimensionally stable.

Pillow fillings

There are many pillow fillings - but down, new wool, cotton, polysterol balls as well as foam and viscose or cold foam or latex are used particularly frequently. All materials have both advantages and disadvantages, which is why no clear recommendation in favor of one material can be made. If you want to buy a down pillow, it is worth paying attention to the composition of the down, because there are big differences. Some manufacturers fill their pillows with pure down, while other models add feathers. There are different mixing ratios here, ranging from 100% down to 0% down and 100% feathers.

Price range

Pillow prices vary greatly depending on the filling, cover, size and manufacturer. So you can buy a cheap pillow for well under $20. But if you prefer a durable and high-quality model, you have to reckon with paying up to $100. However, the advantage of very high-priced pillows of over $50 or even $100 can hardly be justified with the high price. Therefore, unless you are interested in a very special combination of materials, you never have to invest more than $50 for a good and solid pillow with good lying properties.

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