Best Time To Visit The Cook Islands

Due to the tropical climate on the Cook Islands, it also applies to this island state that the drier period is the best time of the year to travel. We recommend the months of June to October in the dry season. Then it rains less, is sunny and at 25°C a bit cooler than in the winter months. In addition, it does not get so humid in our summer months and the mosquitoes do not disturb the holiday fun either.

The phase between November and March is not recommended. Then there is the rainy season on the Cook Islands. The sky is often cloudy, it gets hot and occasionally tropical cyclones can occur.

Cook Island temperatures

Due to their location on the equator, the Cook Islands in the heart of the South Pacific also have a tropical climate with high, fairly constant temperatures all year round, but also rain all year round. In general, one can say that the temperatures increase from the south towards the equator. Average rainfall is 2,100 mm. Most rain falls on Rarotonga. The northern atolls are drier. The trade winds bring pleasant breezes to the Cook Islands year-round. Therefore it never gets too hot and the humidity is kept within limits.

Cook Island seasons

There are two seasons on the Cook Islands: The warmer rainy season is between November and March. Then it is often cloudy and there are short but heavy tropical showers or thunderstorms almost every day in the late afternoon. Daytime temperatures average between 28 and 30°C, with February being the hottest month. Even at night, the thermometer does not drop below 21 °C. This is also the time of the hurricanes that hit the islands every 2-3 years.

The cooler dry season, during which it rains again and again, extends from April to October. The temperature range is then between 17 and 28 °C. The lowest values are measured in July and August with a maximum of 25 °C during the day and around 17 °C at night. It hardly ever gets really cold on the islands, even in the cooler months of the year.

The water temperatures are pleasant all year round. With highs of 27 - 30 °C in February and lows of 22 - 23 °C in August, they always invite you to swim and dive.

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