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How do you choose the best New Zealand web hosting provider in today's world? Just like when choosing a home, when choosing a hosting provider it is important not to make a mistake. If you are buying a house for one person, you do not need a huge mansion. Then you would be paying for space that is never used. Of course, a small one-room apartment would not be suitable for a family of six, as it would then be too cramped for everyone.

The same applies to hosting. It's important to choose a solution where the application works the way it's supposed to, is always available to users, and doesn't suffer from lags. But you shouldn't spend too much money on unnecessary features either. In this post, we examine how to choose a hosting provider and what to look for first.

Best Web Hosting NZ

Why do you need a hosting provider?

You must decide why a hosting provider is necessary. After all, different technical solutions are suitable for different purposes.

Application type

What would you like to have on the server? An online store? An online game? An ERP system? A database? Your answer determines the following parameters:

  • the amount of content your service will have;
  • how your service should be used;
  • the required level of security, etc.

For example, a server for a popular online game requires a lot of resources. These are necessary so that a large number of players can play in real time without delays and bugs and the display is of high quality. If it's a small, local online business, a simpler, less expensive solution will suffice.


Decide how much disk space your project will need. Then you can decide how big the disk needs to be.

If it's a small online store, a few gigabytes will do. Large marketplaces or game servers require hundreds of gigabytes of free storage space.

Don't forget that your project could grow. If you currently have a very small media company but plan to grow into a large media portal, resources for growth should be allocated in advance.

So you've decided on the size of the project. Next, you need to know what type of hosting is right for you.

Choice of web hosting type

Shared hosting

Shared hosting

It is a storage space on the server that you share with other users. In this case, multiple users share limited resources on one physical server.

This is an inexpensive solution. However, the low cost is achieved because there can be many users on the same server.

This type of hosting can be compared to a shared flat. You have your own room, but the bathroom is shared and you often have to wait in line to take a shower.

The problem with this type of hosting is that your service is dependent on others. If your server neighbors have a sale and traffic surge, your resource will load several times slower.


  • It is the cheapest hosting option.
  • Everything is taken care of by the support team, so you don't need to have any special knowledge.

This option is suitable for operators of small projects. If you've started a small shop and want to dabble in the web, or if you need space for a text-only project, shared hosting will suffice.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Virtual Private Server hosting

This type of hosting can be compared to owning your own apartment in an apartment building. There are neighbors in the immediate vicinity, but at least you have your own apartment that you don't have to share with anyone.

This option, like the previous one, assumes the use of the server by several people. At the same time, however, the resources of the individual people are limited. You are allocated a guaranteed amount of memory and processing power.


  • A fixed amount of resources that does not depend on other users.
  • The ability to install and configure any software or customize the server to your needs.
  • An average, reasonable price.

Unlike shared hosting, managing a VPS requires specialized knowledge.

A VPS is an excellent solution for medium-sized online shops or information portals. This option is useful when shared hosting is not sufficient, or when your budget is too limited for more expensive solutions.

Dedicated physical server

Dedicated Server Hosting

This solution can be compared to owning a home. This means: No neighbors, the entire area is yours.

With this type of hosting, you are assigned an entire physical server.


  • The bandwidth is only limited by the physical capacity of the device.
  • The server is tailored to your needs.
  • You have a high level of security.

As with a VPS, special knowledge is required to manage this type of hosting.

This option is suitable for large projects such as:

  • large online shops
  • social networks
  • online games


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