Bottemless Brunch

A bottomless brunch offers a variety of sweet and savory foods that are located between breakfast and lunch, which each guest can access as the mood takes them. Brunch preferably starts from 10 a.m., but a little later for late risers. A leisurely brunch can easily last up to 2 p.m.

What's on the table at brunch?

Bottomless Brunch

  • Coffee & Tea: A cup of fresh coffee or tea to start, especially if brunch replaces breakfast.
  • Juices: Best freshly squeezed.
  • Prosecco or sparkling wine: If there is a reason to celebrate, a glass of sparkling wine is a must, but you can also toast with friends at a brunch without a reason.
  • Muesli: Crunchy muesli with yoghurt and berries, served appetizingly in glasses, a Bircher muesli with fresh fruit and nuts or granola taste perfect for the start of the brunch.
  • Ham, sausage, salmon & cheese: According to the guests' taste, a ham or cheese platter should not be missing. Salmon or other fish specialties also go well with brunch. Instead of the plates you can also prepare small sandwiches.
  • Butter, honey or jam: don't forget the classic butter and jam or honey!
  • Vegetable sticks or a vegetable platter: Vegetable sticks are a popular treat when combined with a spread or a dip sauce.
  • Fresh fruit: E.g. in the form of a fruit platter or a fruit salad. Fresh berries are particularly popular because they are a visual eye-catcher and simply invite you to snack.
  • Bread & Pastries: Fresh bread and pastries play the leading roles at brunch. Crispy baguettes, crunchy rolls, pretzel sticks, Kornspitz or sourdough bread are topped with ham, cheese or salmon and enjoyed.
  • Sweets and cakes: croissants, cinnamon rolls, chocolate muffins or ring cake. A sweet conclusion should not be missing at brunch.

More ideas for a perfect bottomless brunch

  • Grazing Boards: So-called “Grazing Boards” are a must for all foodies. You could say this is the spiced up version of the cold record, just on different themes. Lots of delicacies are colorfully arranged on a board or a large platter, so that everyone can snack on them as they please. So ideal for brunch. Our tip for brunch: fruit and cheese. This allows you to put together ingeniously colorful platters and fruit and cheese are ideal for snacking on.
  • Egg dishes: Egg dishes are a staple of an extended breakfast: soft-boiled eggs in a basket to take yourself, a pan of egg dishes with mushrooms and chives, or a large omelette with cheese to share.
  • Soups: If brunch starts a little later and is intended more as lunch, a pot of soup is a good plan. The soup can be prepared in advance, it is on the stove or on a hot plate and everyone can serve themselves. Whether beef soup with semolina dumplings, pumpkin cream soup or minestrone - depending on your mood.
  • Melon with prosciutto and tomatoes with mozzarella: 2 classics that are easy to prepare and taste 100%.
  • For Sunday lunchtime brunch: mini schnitzel or roast beef. If you like it heartier and want to make sure you have a real Sunday lunch right away, mini schnitzel or a roast beef (cold or warm) is enough. This goes well with a vegetable-potato mayonnaise salad.
  • Desserts in the glass: If the guests have a special sweet tooth, chocolate mousse or rice pudding with berries or Greek yoghurt with fruit and honey can be prepared in small glasses and kept cool.

Vegetarian or vegan spreads for brunch

Vegan Brunch

Don't forget about guests who prefer vegan or vegetarian diets. They should be able to enjoy brunch just as much, e.g. with creamy vegetable soups and egg dishes. You can perfectly prepare spreads or dips that all guests like with vegetable sticks and fresh pastries.

How much bread & pastries do I need for a brunch per person?

Calculate about 150g - 200g of bread and pastries per person. Be generous so guests can choose too. If you have leftover bread and pastries, you can simply freeze them and bake them again on another occasion.

The best way to prepare a bottemless brunch

  1. Know your guests: Are any of the guests vegetarian or vegan and have you catered for their needs? Does anyone have lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance?
  2. Shop in good time or order online: To avoid stress in the morning, you should get everything fresh the day before. Except bread & pastries. It's better to get it fresh from the bakery or have it delivered directly to your front door in the morning.
  3. Provide a table and seating for all guests: Get additional armchairs from the basement or from the neighbors so that all guests can sit comfortably.
  4. Prepare the buffet: Think about where you can set up a nice buffet so that all guests can simply eat to their heart's content.
  5. Setting and decorating the table: preferably according to the season or the occasion.
  6. Prepare coffee & drinks: cool the drinks, fill the coffee machine and press the fresh juices.
  7. Prepare food: You can prepare Bircher muesli, soups and spreads the evening before and keep them cool. Ham and cheese platters, rolls and other appetizers are best served before brunch.
  8. Bread and pastries: if necessary, briefly bake until crispy.
  9. Cake: Serve appetizingly on a plate, cut open if necessary so that everyone can eat to their heart's content. If you bake the cake yourself, you should definitely do it the day before.
  10. Styling & Relaxation: Relax yourself, style a little and welcome the guests with a smile and a glass of sparkling wine.


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