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Here are some simple but super effective tips for saving money when buying cheap food.

Eat varied and healthy

But there are a few tricks with which the increased prices can be cushioned and cheap, but still varied and healthy food can be served:

Cooking yourself is always cheaper than ready meals

Frozen pizza, pasta pan or canned soup - ready meals are quick and practical. But above all: Much more expensive than cooking yourself! The consumer advice center calculated this a few years ago and came to the conclusion that the dishes examined cost an average of 184 percent more than the same meal prepared at home. According to the consumer advice center at the time, if you cook yourself every day instead of a ready-made meal, you can save thousands each year!

Cooking and freezing more and more

So if you want to save, put yourself at the stove. Of course, peeling and chopping takes longer. Therefore the tip: Simply prepare twice the amount as standard. Freeze half of it and get it out of the freezer quickly when needed: This is how you can make a ready-made meal yourself and above all: cheap!

Buy what is plentiful

Goods in abundance are cheaper than goods that are in short supply. That's why seasonal fruit and vegetables have always been the cheaper choice. This is even more true now: Because the costs for energy and fuel are currently going through the roof, the prices for goods from heated greenhouses, some of which also require long transport routes, are rising.

Plan delicious filling meals

Rice and potatoes are likely to become more expensive in the near future. And yet: your basic price is comparatively low. That's why such "filling" foods should be incorporated into the diet in a targeted manner: the more of them there are on the plate, the lower the price per meal falls.

Use leftovers and supplies creatively

Another simple but very effective tip is to use up supplies and leftovers in good time: It is actually enough to turn the usual cooking routine by 180 degrees. Instead of thinking about what should be cooked and then buying the ingredients, first take a look: what is there, what has to go, and what can be prepared from it. If you don't have the necessary creativity: leftover apps are happy to help out with recipe tips.

Change your habits

What becomes expensive is often ingrained habits. For example, if you often rush to the supermarket between work and dinner with a rumbling stomach, you run the risk of buying more than you need. Such mechanisms can be tricked.

Plan meals for a few days or weeks

If you plan some dishes, or even all of them, for a week or two in advance, you can save a lot of money. Because if you already have a good idea of what you want to cook, you can make more targeted purchases. And then use up the freshly bought things. You can find tips from consumer advocates for good planning here.

Special offers are not always special offers

Not every special offer is really a bargain. In the supermarket, one should not reflexively reach for every product with a price reduction notice.

Cheaper products are often more out of the direct line of sight, for example far below or above. Comparing prices is also worthwhile, in the store and between different stores - preferably calculated by the kilo.

Weekly markets don't have to be more expensive

The weekly market does not have to be the most expensive - even if many suspect it. Time and time again, price comparisons show that the market can be one step ahead in terms of price. It also depends on the time: shortly before the end of the market you can still get a discount, or as a regular customer of a farm or market feeder.

In any case, a price comparison in a self-experiment can help when deciding where to shop now. Many also see this advantage at the weekly market: the temptation to put a packet of snacks in the shopping cart here and sweets there is less.

One big purchase is better than many small ones

If you plan well ahead, you can also save a lot. A large purchase per week has a positive effect on many people's wallets over time. Large packs are often cheaper. But: you should be sure that you use them up before they expire. If you always have to go to the supermarket quickly because something is missing or needed, you often buy more than you want. The risk is smaller when you do your weekly shopping when you are rested.

Shopping without strolling through the shelves

There are also supermarkets that, for a fee, will pack online purchases ready for collection. It is certainly a matter of taste whether you prefer to choose everything yourself. But depending on your own shopping behavior (keyword "seductibility"), something like this could also contribute to saving.

Grow your own herbs and vegetables

Admittedly, this last saving tip is very type-dependent. After all, if you want to save with your own fruit, vegetables or herbs, you need to know that you should treat your own work as a hobby and have the necessary time for it.

Anyone who likes to plant anyway could consider turning the flower garden into a vegetable garden or adding herbs to the balcony. In any case, something of your own is absolutely fresh and, with a bit of luck, tastes particularly good.


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Buy Now Pay Later services are becoming more popular within the food sector. Check out's food section for cheap online food.

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