Does Vaping Make You Lose Weight

Cigarettes are unhealthy - there's no question about that. But even though many people have been thinking about quitting smoking for a long time, there is a tricky side effect that is holding them back. The question many people ask is, "What if I gain weight?" In this blog post we explain whether and how e-cigarettes can help you to quit smoking WITHOUT losing weight. Or read another post to better understand what e-cigarettes are.

Why do you gain weight when you quit smoking?

First, we need to understand why you gain weight in the first place if you give up the fag. The nicotine in cigarettes suppresses appetite and stimulates metabolism. This means that the body uses more energy, but does not pass on a hunger signal. This means you eat less but use up more nutrients. Whether this connection is so healthy is another question, but for many people a side effect of smoking is that they lose weight or at least do not gain weight.

If you stop smoking now, the body feels more appetite again. You eat more and your body metabolizes the food worse. This can result in getting rid of the tobacco vice but struggling with extra pounds. Many people therefore give up quickly and reach for cigarettes again to get their weight into their bodies.


Does vaping make you lose weight?

Whether you can lose weight with vaping is a tricky question. Because of course you should not resort to an addictive substance to get weight problems under control. Vaping is a stimulant and not a good alternative for a healthy diet and exercise.

In fact, e-cigarettes can help keep the weight off while giving up tobacco. We wanted to banish the smokes that are full of tobacco, tar and pollutants from our lives, but we just couldn't part with the pleasure of smoking. That's why we've developed e-cigarettes that taste and feel like cigarettes, but are less harmful. Therefore, e-cigarettes can be a better alternative to traditional cigarettes and also a means to reduce smoking consumption overall.

Let's get back to the important weight issue. E-cigarettes are also a good alternative to cigarettes because they avoid the problem of gaining weight. Since e-cigarettes contain nicotine just like regular cigarettes, the switch does not lead to an increased appetite. This is also the reason why smoking cessation products like chewing gum or patches contain nicotine. E-cigarettes also offer another advantage. The nicotine content in the e-liquid can be dosed differently.

In conclusion, it can be said that vapes offer a good alternative to conventional cigarettes and can therefore help you quit - without gaining weight. However, vapes also have health risks. So the best thing would be not to smoke at all - but that's easier said than done!

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