How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Have you spotted a cockroach in the apartment? Of course you want to avoid a real plague of cockroaches; so if you spot one of these critters, you should immediately take appropriate action and kill the roaches to stop them from breeding. But what kind of cockroach control is really effective? This page explains why cockroaches get into your home, how to fight them, and keep them out.

When you have a problem with cockroaches in your home, you naturally want to deal with them as soon as possible. After all, they transmit numerous bacteria that are harmful to health. Even if your house is very clean, cockroaches can still get inside. Nevertheless, good hygiene must always be ensured, especially at the stove and in the refrigerator. This makes your house or apartment much less interesting for these unpleasant insects.

Causes of cockroaches in the house

Since the cockroaches originally come from tropical areas, they love moisture and warmth above all. Therefore, these annoying insects find a pleasant climate in residential buildings. For this reason, it is not surprising that cockroaches in our country are found primarily in urban areas. The first cockroaches often get into the house by accident, for example through the houses of the neighbors in terraced houses. In addition, the insects themselves or their eggs may have been taken with a (used) product from a tropical country or in a holiday suitcase.

4 tips to protect against cockroaches in the house

1. Ensure that food and water are not available
Food and drink attract roaches. Clear these away as best you can and keep them out of the reach of insects. Don't just think of the kitchen cupboards, because your pets' food/food leftovers are also interesting for cockroaches. For example, think of the cat's or dog's food bowl: this should always be cleaned thoroughly in the evening.

2. Seal all small entrances around your house well
This will prevent the cockroaches from entering your home. This affects, for example, the cracks under the doors, openings in the floors and also pipes that lead outside.

3. Take good care of your house or apartment
Cockroaches love quiet spots where they can retreat undisturbed. For example waste paper! They also like to stay under wooden floors. This is easily avoided by regularly varnishing or painting the floor so that it is less roach friendly.

4. Ventilate well
It is advisable to ventilate the house frequently and to ensure low temperatures. Cockroaches don't like drafts or cold.

3 ways to kill cockroaches

According to various websites, there are different ways to kill cockroaches.

1. Lay down a damp wipe
Try to catch the roaches at night by putting a wet wipe on the floor. The roaches will crawl under it in search of a warm, humid environment and can then be easily removed the next morning.

2. Fill a vessel with water and oil
Put water and oil in a vessel and put it somewhere at night. The water attracts the cockroaches (because they love the humidity). They then crawl into the vessel and drown in the oil. It clogs the cockroaches' airways.

3. Electromagnetic radiation or ultrasonic waves
Nowadays there are devices against cockroaches that generate electromagnetic radiation or ultrasonic waves. However, it has not been proven that cockroaches can actually be fought with it.


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